TSOH is an excellent organization to volunteer your time. Not only do I enjoy help feed and meet the homeless, but my children (ages 5-9yo) also learned a lot about humanity. TSOH provides an educational and priceless experience to open up your heart to help others in need, and to appreciate the small things in life. We all look forward to our monthly volunteer service.

Way to go Quynh Chau! It’s awesome to see so much love put into these badly needed meals, (the time and love put into it shows how much you respect those you serve too!). Thank you for all you and the The Source Of Hope team does for our city via not just feeding people, but educating them about how to eat healthy, within budget and for the beauty industry education you provide as well! You and Wesley are doing such a great job inspiring others to be an amazing force for good making an incredible impact!
— Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk

The people were great, and I had a really good time helping them! The other volunteers were very sweet, and I would definitely come back again.
— Kin Dinh

The Source of Hope has such a caring, considerate and professional staff led by a remarkable woman QC that brings so many great services to the community. I’ve had the pleasure of participating and observing in Sharing of Hope program and watched as dedicated volunteers lovingly prepared, cooked, assembled and delivered thousands of meals in Collin County. The meals cooked were delish, healthy and hot! My family and friends have personally used the services in the Beauty of Hope programs like:  1) acne treatment (which produced remarkable results within such a short period of time for my teen)2) dry cupping (which within a single treatment I was immediately feeling 90% better - and that was without using any medicine to treat my congestion! I felt so much more lighter, better, and relaxed after the cupping! Normally I am down for a whole week, and within 24 hours I was back on my feet!),3) I also had my hair washed and styled (felt like a million bucks afterwards with such shiny & bouncy hair)4) my teen had a second advanced skin treatment that rebuilt her skin (no more puffyness, no more deep scarring, no more red/pink flushed face). Lastly, I’d like to acknowledge that this non-profit is one of the most impactful non-profits in the community because it focuses on  transitioning participates from survival to full revival. We’re so blessed to have a gem like The Source of Hope to serve the community!
— Irum Jones

Thoughts after Harvey:1. Differences aside, I have seen that when people come together with the same hearts and minds for a greater purpose, there are so much can be done.  The fruits of the works in united might not be self-benefits, but bring so much joy and happiness to both receivers and more to the givers!!!  God’s Words are never wrong, “It’s better to give than to receive”!2. I am so proud to be part of Kirkwood Church family!  We have small home, but BIG heart!  Praise God for our church leaders, who didn’t hesitate to say YES when the facility was asked to be used.  Our kitchen was too small to accommodate the demands, but when we were willing to open our door, God provided, and supports poured in!  My hearts shouted out of joy to see so many of our brothers and sisters volunteering to help morning to nights and days to days!  Thanks brothers and siters!!  God bless us so we can selflessly bless others and it’s a great joy for me to that with all of you!!!  3. Last but not least, I am PROUD to be Vietnamese-American!!  The Source of Hope was founded by a successful Vietnamese-American, who has committed to use her success and influence to pay back by serving the community regardless of ethnic groups.  It’s a privilege to get to know you and work with you chi Quynh Chau Stone!  May God continue to bless and lead the way for you!
— Pheobe Mai

I know Quynh Chau Stone  very well from growing up with her at the Arkansas Baptist Children’s Home in Monticello AR . Her life is to share the gospel by loving on people in Texas. She does this year round. If you’d like to give to the boots on the ground in Texas this is a way and would be a blessing to many.
— Stephanie & Shane Rogers

Thank chi Quynh Chau Stone from The Source of Hope (Dallas) for those waters. So happy that I can deliver them to chùa Liên Hoa so Thuvan Nguyen can distribute to Cambodian community today. Thank you for all donations.. together, we are strong.
— Mai Le

YOU are truly an Inspiring Woman and we are so proud to know you!!! QC you are truly a great blessing in this world and your heart is as big as the great out doors. So grateful for your Herculean effort, your heart and your dedication!! Much love your way and big hugs for an OUTSTANDING job well done!!!!
— Cindy Ray Yaplonsky