Empower and Provide Hope to Individuals in Need.



The Source of Hope is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, empowering low income cosmetology students by providing assistance through educational programs, grants, and scholarships. In addition, we provide hope to our local community with free or reduced cosmetic services and various social outreach programs.

The creation of The Source of Hope nonprofit is to advance educational programs aimed at individuals working on getting their cosmetology license or already licensed for Professionals wishing to continue their education in the field  of cosmetology. Upon completion of the program(s), student can expect to have skills and working knowledge to become entrepreneurs. The Source of Hope helps with the cosmetology field, our mission is to help with low-income individuals with food, housing, clothing, job placement, gas and college scholarship.

Our Programs

Beauty of Hope

Offer free makeovers to individuals living with HIV/AIDs and low income individuals to help improve their self-esteem. Provide free haircuts to senior citizens 65+, teachers, fire fighters, police officers, and veterans monthly.

Beauty of Education

Assist qualified students of all ages to reach their dreams and goals. Provide scholarships to low income cosmetology students. Facilitate students for advanced beauty education.

Serving Hope

Prepare and serve meals to the homeless and elderly on the 4th Saturday of every month. Provide hot home-cooked meals, free haircuts, showers, and clothing to the homeless. Free home-cooked meals to underprivileged students in Collin County

Sharing Hope

Organize a food share program in the DFW area. Coordinate and distribute excess food with over 27 other organizations to aid in helping needy families. Help reduce food waste.

Where We Started

“Give a person a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.”

Statistics show that fewer than 5% of graduates from beauty school programs are employed in that industry after graduation. Stone is looking to increase the odds for these graduates. She initially chose a group of 31 students that included 21 seniors and 10 juniors, to participate in a leadership program that ultimately enabled them to help train other students. This program went beyond the basics of their school’s curriculum, giving them advanced training and techniques that included creating PowerPoint presentations, theory, product knowledge and hands-on demonstrations. The students also met monthly with Stone to further their skills, and to give them the tools they will need to build their own businesses. Between the training and the products that she is offering her students at cost, Stone equates her efforts to providing approximately $384,000 worth of scholarship money. It is a program that is paying off. From this first group, 50% have guaranteed job offers after graduation, including one student who will be working for the prestigious José Eber Salon. The other half of the class will have the opportunity to work as representatives for Spa Source USA.

Through The Source Of Hope, Stone hopes to be able to continue training disadvantaged students and helping them become tomorrow’s business leaders. She says the program is growing, but to continue the outreach and help more people, funding sources are needed in order to take it to the next level.

Not only does The Source Of Hope help in the cosmetology field, but part of our mission is to help low-income individuals with food, housing, clothing, job placement, gas, and college scholarships


The Source of Hope Clinic

The Source of Hope Clinic provides reduced non-invasive cosmetic services and classes to the general public. It serves as a sustainable program, to produce the financial means to support the ability to continue to serve through our 4 programs. We welcome all races, genders, and religions. Our services, include facial and body treatments, semi-permanent cosmetics, hair services, and more. You may schedule your appointment or free online with our clinic.