Nicole Q Stone.


Nicole Stone is a retail manager who works with other women to show them how to love and feel confident in themselves. She believes that time well spent is spent helping others. Nicole has worked in women’s fashion for six years, with almost three years being of a management position. She works with girls and women of all ages and believes that even the smallest encounter can be used to empower tomorrow’s leaders. Nicole has worked behind the scenes for The Source of Hope while she has been away at college. She assists and consults on all event planning; public relations and media work done by The Source of Hope. She is a servant at heart and helped her mother start the organization almost seven years ago. Nicole will be graduating from Oklahoma State University in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Strategic Communications. She has successfully completed two internships during her time at the university. One of those being with Global Media Outreach, a worldwide media company that focuses on spreading the gospel through media in places where others may not be able to go. With GMO, Nicole helped plan donor events, assist in social media planning and analytics, as well as strategize media campaigns. Nicole also lived in California, before her senior year, for an internship with Dainty Hooligan Boutique. During this time assisted with photo shoots, styling and directing the announcements of new arrivals through social media and the online store. Nicole forecasted the buying of new products for five different storefronts as well as online. She also helped with the marketing and social media for Dainty Hooligan.