Monica Gautam


An effective and results-driven individual seeking a position in a progressive company by utilizing my exceptional communication skills and highly organized approach to benefit the organization. Event Management October 2016 - Paws & Purrs

  • Was solely responsible for bringing together 5 very talented entrepreneurs form different fields for one cause. They included a renowned fashion designer from India, a well-established jewelry designer from Dallas, a highly talented & established artist from Dallas, a startup home goods business entrepreneur & a well know chef.

  • Requested these entrepreneurs to contribute 10% of their sales towards the cause.

  • To cut back on overheads on the venue, I did the event in a well appointed, large home of a close friend.

  • got friends to donate food & drinks for the event. I got friends to help volunteer & help run the show successfully. . I approached a local dog bakery to sponsor packaged treats & coupons towards the cause.

  • For people who didn’t want to buy, we got them to donate in cash or check towards the cause.

  • With the help & support of everyone, I raised $2900 towards the cause.

February 2014– Kingdom of Heaven, India

  • Promoted 3 women entrepreneurs from different fields (Fine arts, fashion designer & jewelry designer) to collaborated and display their talents in a show organized by me to benefit a charity close to my heart.

  • My request was to get 20% of their total sales plus personal donations from guests who didn’t buy goods.

  • Came up with a few ideas to save overheads. I requested a friend to sponsor her clubhouse as a venue, I requested a friend who runs a restaurant to sponsor the snacks & drinks.

  • Requested my close friends to volunteer in organizing the venue & show.

  • Managed to have a huge turn out by advertising on social media & close friends.

  • The total amount collected was about $2500. The amount was used to fund education, food & shelter to the inmates of the charitable organization.

March 2012 – Cultural Day Event at Brinker Elementary

  • I co-chaired the multi cultural event along with one other parent.

  • We had to come up with ideas to decorate the school in order to promote unity in diversity.

  • We had to approach vendors for different cultures to sponsor goodies for the children to get hands on experience with arts & crafts from different cultures.

  • We had to organize kids with varied cultural talents to practice & perform their talents at the end of the show.

March 2010 - Cultural Day event at Brinker Elementary

  • Chaired the Cultural Day event at Barksdale Elementary, Plano.

  • Co-ordinate with other volunteers in coming up with ideas to promote multi-cultural displays & events to help the kids understand various cultures through a fun & educational method.

  • Organized for volunteer performers from different cultures to come display their cultural dances or arts.

  • Approached various vendors from varied cultural backgrounds to donate a few trinkets or art supplies, unique to their culture.


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to communicate subject material to students of mixed abilities and backgrounds

  • Parent volunteer to tutor elementary students who need help in niche areas of development, mainly Math & Reading

  • Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with fellow professionals and parents.

  • Presenting product strategy and business results at sales meetings and key customer visits.

  • Writing competitor analysis reports.

  • Writing marketing requirement specifications. 

Inter-personal skills

  • Managing/coordinating with multiple groups at art exhibitions

  • Supporting the development of team member's skills through training

  • Resolution of customer crises related to delivery times or quality

  • Interacting with internal design team to ensure for timely product release and product conformance to requirements. 

Coaching and mentoring

  • Leadership qualities and the ability to manage challenging behavior effectively

  • Mentoring elementary school level kids with learning difficulty in Math & Science

  • Organizing and supervising after-school activities including educational visits, sporting events and school productions.

  • Running free summer camps in debate, group discussions, cooking or crafts.

Volunteer as a PTA member for school events or parties.