Annelise Q. Stone


Annelise Quynh Stone, a sister, daughter, and high school student with big dreams and a big heart. Extremely involved in her community, Annelise has been involved in class elections, school theatre, church choir, student ministry, and is also a Co-Founder of the

501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization, The Source of Hope. Founded by the Stone family in 2010, The Source of Hope is a non profit with a goal to empower and provide hope to those in need. Annelise has volunteered her time as the photographer and social media correspondent for the organization along with getting fellow students across the DFW area involved in serving their community.  

Annelise is to graduate high school in the year 2020 and continue her journey of serving others well into College. Hoping to receive a Bachelors in Arts with a Major in Psychology, to further her knowledge of humans to better understand and help those in need, whilst minoring in Photography to continue her passion for the arts.

“Someone once asked me why I love taking pictures, and I responded in saying ‘Every beautiful moment in our lives is stored deep in our brains, I only hope to capture them in means we can view, so that when we have hardships and great struggle we can look back on those beautiful moments to remember the joy we once had, and can have again’ ”

Annelise is one to go the extra mile to achieve her goals, for example, when her student church choir was ready to go on mission trip to spread their faith and help those in need in New York City, Annelise started a gofundme page to raise the money to pay for her own ticket instead of asking her parents to pay for it, knowing that her family devoted their time and money to The Source of Hope to help the community!

Often described as mature and wise for her age, Annelise has seen the struggles of society today and hopes to contribute whatever she can to make the world a better place. “We are not the generation of tomorrow, but the generation of today” Annelise Stone is strong minded and always holds her head high, she has a way of understanding others, and knowing how to help, even if that means all she gains is a smile from another.Yes, she is young, but she is going places.