Anita Hawkins


Anita Hawkins is a model, author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur extraordinaire. With a fierce determination to succeed whatever she sets out to accomplish. Anita is married to major league baseball player LaTroy Hawkins with two children, Dakari (26) and Troi (17). 

Anita is as abundant in beauty as she is in business know-how. As a model and spokesperson, Anita has walked the runway for numerous high-profile fashion events including LA Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Neiman Marcus, and has appeared on Hollywood Divas reality show. Behind the scenes, Anita also owned a Beauty Salon, taught at a Beauty College, and taught Beauty Etiquette. Many of these started for profit, but as Anita’s career has grown, they have shifted from for-profit, to for-passion—in other words, charity. 

With her tremendous success, Anita has not forgotten the old age proverb “to whom much is given, much is required”. Generous does not begin to describe the dedication  and hands on environment with which Anita supports her many charitable affiliations. She and her husband, LaTroy, have collectively donated more than $1,000,000 to charities they support. Most recently, they donated a home to the national domestic violence organization, Women Called Moses, to serve as a safe home for women and children fleeing abuse. In 2014, Anita launched Find One Reason to Smile where she raises awareness for survivors of domestic abuse where she has now been dubbed “The Producer of Smiles”, reinventing the smiles of women whose teeth have been knocked out by their abusers. Some of her other trusted organizations include: St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Minnie’s Food Pantry, Where Are You?, The Source of Hope, The Jackie Robinson Foundation, and she is also a recipient of the President’s Philanthropy Award under the Obama Administration. 

Currently Anita is the executive producer of an under-wraps feature film, she is the creator and producer of HomePlate108 and is currently working on another under-wraps show that she is in the process of shopping to several networks